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IGTV Marketing Strategies: 5 Powerful Tactics That Must Check

Instagram is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, which added a new feature called IGTV(Instagram TV). It has taken Instagram to the next level. IGTV is an independent app interlinked to the Instagram app. It provides a lot of opportunities for brands and marketer owners to construct engagement, connect with their audience, and convey your message. The main feature of IGTV is you can shoot lengthy long-form videos. Recently, many people started posting videos on IGTV. Promoting your business on IGTV is quite easy; all you need to do is, stick with your marketing strategy. 

IGTV is good for marketing,

It is similar to a traditional TV; as soon as you open the app, it starts playing. Like regular Instagram posts, people can show their interaction through likes, comments, shares. On top of that, the research study shows that people prefer long-form videos to watch than images and text. 

Video content has become an unavoidable post on this digital platform. By the research study, it shows that videos receive 1200% more share than all other posts. 

Let’s get started with few important marketing strategies to stick with IGTV,

Create Short Videos

Yeah, it’s possible to create long videos on IGTV, but still, it’s hard to hold your audience engagement for a longer period. So, it’s safe to keep for 2 to 5 minutes. In this way, the audience will never lose interest and watch your video completely. 

Pay Attention To Look 

Your IGTV must be visually aesthetic; the first few seconds are more precious for your video. If your video’s start is not attractive and impressive, the audience will not click it. Pay attention, that is you need to have a proper title and keep it short and sweet. Next, thumbnail or cover photo, use custom images, and it must be eye-catching. Finally, the description part, use one or two sentences to describe your videos. Don’t forget to add relevant keywords and links. It helps to give more exposure to your channel.

Post Engaging Content

Consistency is important to get success on IGTV, post frequently. At the same time, don’t stick with the same kinds of content. Ready to test out all kinds of content in order to provide fresh content to your audience. It helps to bring more engagement and attention to your channel. Moreover, you can also buy IGTV comments to maximize your engagement rate and gain interaction from your audience. Create a video with a purpose, add value to them, don’t just create for the sake of consistency. Quality is more important. 

Promotion Is Must 

In order to gain exposure and visibility, you need to promote your Instagram TV content. Before, post your videos, share short snippets or teasers of your original videos on Instagram story. It will create a buzz among your audience and influence them to wait for the release. Next, once you upload your IGTV videos, post them on your feed part or share a preview of your video. 

Interact With Your Audience

Engage with your videos to build good relationships with them.  When you start responding to your audience interaction, it will construct a unique image for your channel and brand. Give instant replies to your audience’s questions. If someone commented on your videos, replying back is good practice. It helps to build a conversation; it influences others to comment on your post.


With these marketing tips, you can now enhance your IGTV channel. Remember to post frequently, stick with the new trends, and engage with your audience. Don’t forget to share your IGTV videos on multiple platforms. Sure, this article will help you to develop your IGTV channel. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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