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One of the most famous social media networks is Instagram in the world. In fact, every single month, around one billion people use the platform Instagram. That is thirteen percent of the population of the world.  Also, eighty percent of the users on the platform follows more business or one business, and seventy-two percent of the users on this platform purchased brands and things on Instagram that they saw on Instagram. All of the statistics highlight on the platform is one key insight. This social media platform is a gold mine for entrepreneurs alike, businesses, and marketers. It is healthier to measure the metric count of followers. The rate of Instagram engagement is calculated by the sum of the comments and some of the likes that you receive per photos and videos. Monitoring the metrics of engagement rate is a healthy one. The formula to measure Instagram’s engagement rate is to take an addition of comments and likes you get to per photo or video, then divide that number by the count of followers you have and then multiply by hundred. 

For example, it was written as an equation, so it looks like:

(Comment per post + likes per post)

————————————————–                      *     100

Total count of followers

There is no best engagement rate on the university, depending upon a variety of various factors, the ideal engagement rates are there. The various Instagram engagement rates are anywhere ranges from one percentage to five percent. In your specific industry, if you want to know the average engagement rate, you have to do research for it. Instagram offers you many ways to increase your engagement rate. By using the below ways, you can increase your account engagement rate.

  • Marketing using Omni channels to boost your presence on Instagram
  • Hold giveaways 
  • Hold contests
  • Leveraging the Instagram stories power
  • Using the right captions
  • Using the right hashtags
  • Timing your posts well

You have to optimize your content for optimizing your Instagram for your audience. especially if you need to increase your Instagram engagement rate. Hashtags are on Instagram are fantastic features that will help you to increase your rate of engagement. Hashtags will help you gain likes, rear each border level audience, and help more followers on Instagram.

For increasing your engagement rate of your, you have to use the correct captions for your posts and videos.  Every day more people using to get Instagram reach for Instagram. That is a very large number. Instagram stories engage audiences. It is a more important thing that everyone remembers that audiences who engage more with particular accounts on Instagram are more likely to repeatedly watch their content, so say thanks to Instagram’s algorithm. A high rate of the platform’s engagement is the fantastic feature of the stories. The number of video creation is increased eight percentage on Instagram over the year in 2018.  Businesses and brands ask the people to follow their account, tagging their friends, and like and share the photos.

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