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Tricks To Get More Retweets For Your Images

Memes or Infographics posted as images in Twitter can get a higher rate of engagement and traffic. Images are believed to work well for marketing on Twitter boosting sales funnels to almost 90%. But it is not so easy to reach the success point on Twitter. The amount of engagement largely depends on the number of retweets you get for a particular tweet. So it is important to know how to boost retweets to get more organic reach which is explained below:

Source of Images

The original source where the image was taken from counts a lot to earn retweets Pictures taken from other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram guarantee more than 95% of retweets. An average tweets lasts only for 18 minutes and therefore you need to identify and post the more interesting content to keep users engaged in your tweets.

Use the right number of hashtags

When you use the right number of hashtags, it helps your content to pass the twitter algorithm. Several research reports that tweets with 2 and less than two hashtags received double the times engagement compared to the ones that did not contain hashtags. Also, tweets with more than two hashtags saw a drop in engagement rate by 20%

So people can make use of Twitter analytics to find and use the best hashtags in your niche. 

Posting trendy and interesting images with the right number of correct hashtags can get a huge number of retweets. In addition to using hashtags strategically, you can buy Twitter retweets to improve your twitter marketing campaign achieving better results.

Some more tips related to using hashtags are:

Avoid using hashtags in Twitter ads

Choose trending hashtags that are less common.

Repurpose Old content via New Images

Unocking the potential of visual marketing is the best way to leverage Twitter. Suppose you shared an article on “Benefits of exercising” in the past week, you can very well share it in other social channels to get more attention and engagement for the post. Don’t panic if your engagement sees a drop because this is quite natural. Resharing old content with some additional work can boost engagement.Some effective tips to follow when resharing old content are:

Use new retweetable images which influences users to click through and retweet

Use URL shorteners  to shorten the structure of image links because Short URLS are said to grab more retweets rather than actual lengthy URLs

Incorporate images in new formats for better reach and engagement. Every time you post a graphic, write different ways of content to tweet it. As a next step, you have to post it at different times to keep your audience stay tuned with your account to check out the new content you are about to post.  An attractive Tweet Title plus a shortened link can level up engagement

Twitter is a great place that connects people of all niches and industries. Posting repeated content cannot get you anywhere in Twitter, but sung exclusive hashtags, various image formats and other elements can lead to Twitter success.

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