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Is It Wrong To Disable The Comments On YouTube?

There is an option on YouTube to disable the comments. Is it right for your channel promotion? You can receive excellent and also bad comments all over the world.

Reasons to disable the comments on YouTube:

It is the bad habit of disabling the comments. But remember, you want to remove several comments on YouTube.

Receiving more bad comments will lower your channel rank. It is the primary reason for the people to disable the comments on YouTube. When a celebrity, brand, or whoever is arrested in a scandal or any controversy, there is more possible to receive many bad comments forwarding to hurt the YouTube channel from the people. At that time, disable your channel comments for a short while. Buy YouTube comment dislikes that minimizes the specific feedback on your YouTube content.

Sometimes you post a video on YouTube about the controversial topic. Gun spots, politics, abortions, and child abuse are the few topics that have possible to receive more bad comments. But some people truly needed this type of topic. Both sides will get heated in the comment section though the topic is more important for both sides. At that time, you want to disable the comments on a particular video.

YouTube has spam features, but they are not foolproof. If the group of people or a single person spammed your content on YouTube, they would slip through. You can feel free of the damages these peoples do if you disable the comments and ratings. You can also have the feature to ban them from commenting on your videos. 

It would be best if you had a private forum to encourage the interactions. It is a tricky process. If you start a private community, such as Facebook, LinkedIn groups, you can promote it using YouTube. If your audience needs to comment, ask the people to go to your community and discuss it. You can also upload the video content in the group and provide the link in the YouTube description. 

You can mark your video for internal use. It won’t show to the public to watch. You keep your video unlisted in the first place, and also you can allow the comments for the “require moderation” to remove the spam.

Reasons to enable the comments on YouTube:

As the reasons for disabling the comments, there are also many reasons to enable the comments. Though the wrong reasons, there are vast reasons to allow comments on YouTube.

All know YouTube is a social platform. You can host the video yourself, or through Vimeo. The primary reason that businesses use YouTube is it has billions of people watching more content. 

It also enables the topic discussion. Discussion about the topic is better for the value, just like the blog comments. You will get parties and influencers to get a discussion on your page; you have the best way to bring the channel authority. And you can analyze the people who comment on your videos. You need to invest more time to stay up the discussion track, the same way you do in the blog comments and other social platforms.

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