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How to Improve your Instagram Stories Engagement in 2021

Instagram is the most popular social media platform with more than 400 million monthly active users on the stories feed. It is the perfect place to increase your reach and improve engagement rate. 

Instagram stories are the hottest part of this platform and appear at the top of the users screen, these stories automatically disappear after 24hours of posting time. But it it is the viral part on Instagram to reach and retain huge following, 

In this article, I will give some effective ideas to increase your instagram engagement rate in 2021. 

Let’s get elaborate. 

Try to Post Stories Regularly

Consistency and regularly is the best key factor for users to get more reach on Instagram. There are millions of stories that live and die on Instagram every day. 

When you post stories on Instagram, your profile image will have a red circle around it, it immediately catches user attention. 

By posting everyday is a great strategy to increase your Instagram engagement doubled. Also, you should find what is the perfect time to post your content on Instagram, when the audience is active online. 

Use Instagram Swipe up Feature 

Swipe up is the best feature on Instagram, it helps to take the audience directly to the landing page or some other page. This feature is only available on Instagram accounts that have more than 10000 followers. 

Once you have this feature, you can add it at the end of your stories to encourage people to swipe up to know more about your stories. 

Use Popular Hashtags 

Hashtags are responsible for social media reach, you can use hashtags in your stories to get more reach or click here to get the highest chance of gaining engagement. But make sure to use trending, popular and relevant hashtags that bring new followers for your account. 

Many accounts can double their engagement by using popular and relevant hashtags. So, you confidently experiment it and keep track of the results to find which one is perfect for your brand and content. 

Try to Add Polls and Questions 

Polls is the perfect way to ask for feedback for Instagram users. Use this feature to ask their opinion for your profile, brand and products. The audience feedback with polls helps to develop your Instagram account in future. 

Questions feature helps you to make the Ask Me Anything format to share information to your audience. If you are a marketer, this let your audience ask questions and know about your company, brand, products and services.

Share High Quality Contents 

Of course, if you want to reach more accounts and  get massive engagement on Instagram you must share the high-quality and highly engaging contents. 

Use Instagram filters and effects for your posts to look attractive. You can add texts, hashtags, animations, transitions, background images, stickers and location tag for your Instagram stories. 

Utilize the Power of Mentions 

Mentions is one of the best features on Instagram, it allows other users to add content to your posts they have been used in to their posts. 

This is not only useful for increasing stories engagement, it expands your stories all over the Instagram world. 

Use Stories Feature to Drive Traffic

If you post a new image or video on an Instagram feed, you can use the Instagram stories feature to drive traffic to your feed. Once you upload the posts, click the share button on the posts. Then, click the “Add to Post Your Story” option, and you can add your copy on the tories feed. 

Thanks for reading this article!

I hope these tips help you get more likes, comments, shares and follows to your Instagram main account. Don’t miss this great platform for your regular life to show your thoughts with a huge audience.