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Month: June 2021


Instagram made two big proclamations on June 20, 2018 – the 1st proclamation was that the Instagram application had reached a milestone of 1B users; it is a big reaching thing considering the platform was introduced as a simple photo-sharing application less than a decade ago. And the 2nd announcement was: introducing the IGTV/ Instagram TV, a brand new complementary feature/ app for watching long-form type vertical videos on Instagram. Instagram TV begins playing the videos as soon as you open the application, just like turning on the Television. IGTV also has channels like Televisions. But creators are the channels in Instagram TV. When you follow a creator on IG, their Instagram TV channel will display up for you to watch. Anyone can be a creator on Instagram, and you can post your own Instagram videos on the web or on an app to begin your own IGTV channel. To grow your IGTV channel, gain Instagram TV views from us; it is a big opportunity.


Instagram TV is Instagram’s complimentary application that lets the users post vertical videos that are up to one-hour long duration. Here are three important things that you should know about IGTV:

  • You can upload your videos from both desktop and mobile.
  • The videos must be in a full screen and vertical format.
  • You must have to post videos that are longer than fifteen seconds. 

You can access Instagram TV by downloading the standalone app from the Google Play Store or App Store or on your IG app itself. As soon as you open the app, IGTV starts playing the videos. To get started, you do not have to browse or search. IGTV has channels just like your TV (Televisions). Most primely, anyone can start their own channel on IGTV and start uploading videos. Like that anyone can get Instagram TV likes for their videos easily..  


Through desktop and mobile, you can create your own channel on IGTV. 

To create your IGTV channel on a desktop, you have to visit “ “on your web browser and log in to your Instagram account. And then go to our profile and click on the tab “IGTV” at the upper side of your feed. And then choose the option “Create Channel.” And to set up your Instagram TV channel successfully, follow the on-screen instructions.

To create your IGTV channel on mobile devices, open your IG application and then tap the Instagram TV icon in the upper right-hand side corner of your feed. And then tap on your profile image and choose the option “Create Channel” from the pop-up menu. And to set up your Instagram TV channel successfully, follow the on-screen instructions.

The ability to edit your videos feature is missing on Instagram TV mobile, but it is available on desktop. With the editing features, you can edit the description and titles of your videos, but this option is not available on the Instagram application yet, for unknown reasons. You can start posting your videos after successfully creating your IGTV channels. You can add a clickable link in the description of your IGTV video.