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Month: May 2021


Instagram stories feature what regular posts on Instagram used to be. The good Instagram stories content should be matched with the following points:

With Instagram stories, promote your Instagram TV videos.


Instagram TV is the long-form content feature of Instagram. The length of IGTV video is from fifteen seconds to sixty seconds. The sixty minutes video are available only to large accounts of Instagram and verified accounts of Instagram. The maximum length of the video is only ten minutes for everyone else. You might want to crop your Instagram TV videos to the width of 1080 * 1920 pixels because it is the ideal size for Instagram TV videos. Your Instagram TV video will appear on the popular section, following and for your pages of Instagram. You can also add hashtags to your IGTV video captions. Your audiences and followers can comment, like, and share your Instagram TV videos.

Add music/ audio to your Instagram stories.


Adding music to your Instgaram stories are very simple:

Open your Instagram application, and drag the “music” sticker to your Instagram story posts and then choose the background music or the song for your Instagram stories. Gain attention from the audience by buy Instagram story views from us. You will be able to choose the right part of the song for your Instagram story by cropping the songs. 

  • Post your daily life as everyday content.
  • Updates about yourself: tell your audiences about what you up to?; who are you? And about yourself.
  • Build a relationship with your audience by asking them questions, and it is one of the best ways to get to know about your audience and followers.
  • Provide an interesting story with an interesting photo or video.


You can add more than one hashtags by just add the text “#” at the beginning.

By adding a sticker above on hashtags, you can hide them.

When you use the hashtags in your Instagram stories, you can get a lot and much more visibility. You can also get more views for your stories if you use a hashtag because people who do not follow you can also discover your profile if they search for the hashtag you use in your story.


Most of the people tagged location on their stories. It will get you more views. If people search for some location, there is a higher chance that they will see your posts. 

It is more important to produce high-quality content. In order to get more views and engagement, use better video and pictures and make your story more interesting. You can categorize or group your Instagram story posts with the help of Instagram highlights.  Adding your stories in Instagram highlights is one of the best ways to show your new followers and audiences what your Instagram page is about and who you are. To make your Instagram profile page more nice-looking, Instagram allows you to choose the cover image of your each Instagram highlights. 

How To Create Instagram Reels That Stand Out From The Crowd

Internet users are increasing day by day in the technology world. Simultaneously, competitive marketers are promoting their products on social media platforms, especially Instagram. Recent reports prove that 200 million people users daily visit at least one brand and 81% of research products or services on the platform. Instagram has a few beneficial features for business people and it helps to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, the popular Instagram rolled out the latest video feature – “Reels,” which allows users to create videos 15-30 seconds in various innovative ways to attract massive followers.

Step by step to create your Reels

  1. Open the Instagram app. Tap the camera tab and you will notice four options such as Live, IGTV, Stories and Reels. Select the Reels section.
  2. After, choose the record tab to start recording at the bottom center of the screen. You also can select the video from your phone’s gallery by tapping the gallery tab in the bottom left corner.
  3. You think that it’s even better to record your video while you watch the video and tap the next arrow button to delete your video.
  4. When you want stickers, GIFs and text to appear over your video, you could use the slider at the bottom to edit your Reels. Note that interactive stickers like questions and polls aren’t available inside of Reels.
  5. Add the cover photo to tap the next arrow.
  6. Write captions and hashtags your brand related things.
  7. You want to decide where you want to share your video, whether the Reels section or explore page, before sharing your Reel.
  8. Tap the share tab.

Editing features

Reels offers some editing features for creators to showcase their talent. 

Effects: Instagram has a lot of effects for making your video attractive. Also, it is called “AR filters.” 

Speed: Using the speed tab to make your Reel slow motion or fast forward. 

In above two features must be selected before recording your Reel.

Music: Add your favorite song or popular song background of the video. Music can be added before or after your recording is finished. You couldn’t add original recording audio while you include music over the video.

Making proper use of these editing features can attract more audience, gain new followers and increase reels views on Instagram to build higher engagement for your profile. In general, people watch videos that are posted by popular accounts and that are more trending. So having more views for your reels content is extremely important to become popular on Instagram reels.

Final words

Marketers get a lot of benefits from new Reels features. Instagram provides two by third place for Reels and now it is displayed on the explore page. You know that the audiences watch more videos from the explore page and display videos based on their account video views. So, you can quickly reach a massive right audience. Instagram insights provide few features and use these to know about your niche audience and the best time to post on Reels.