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How To Survive the Algorithm To Get More TikTok Views

TikTok, from its very beginning, has been famous for its short videos that range between 15 and 60 seconds long. TikTok, at first, is called Douyin, which was launched by the company ByteDance in the year 2016, September. TikTok hosts a variety of genres like dance, art, lip-syncing, comedy, education, and more. 

The TikTok algorithm is mysterious and complex, but research has revealed how it works. The For You page on TikTok is a clear example of how this algorithm works. However, the FYP extracts all the contents based on the user’s past interaction. 

In this article, we will discuss how the TikTok algorithm works by bridging views on TikTok. 

TikTok’s Algorithm’s Working

In a press meet, TikTok shared how exactly the working of For You feed is analyzed and personalized to each account. This FYP is simply called curated feeds, as they contain a whole bunch of unique content related to your profile, location, and your similarities. They are nothing but videos that are based on the past experiences of users. But now we have solid facts on how TikTok’s FYP reflects preferences to each user. 

According to the TikTok application, the system recommends content based on a combination of factors- from interests to how you express a new user and by adjusting things that are not relatable to you. 

TikTok’s algorithm lays on three primary factors, and they are as follows:

User Interaction: Videos that you like, share, follow and comment on or the contents you create. 

Video Information: Video information is nothing but captions, sounds, and hashtags. 

Device And Account Settings: The terms relating to the language preferences, country settings, and device types. 

However, each of these individual factors decides the TikTok For You recommendation system, which ultimately means that everyone’s for your page is different and based on their level of interest. For example, TikTok explains that a strong indication of the video is measured by the watching time(Users must watch the video from the beginning to the end.). In terms of weak indicators, the video creator and the viewer reside in the same country, and that’s not fair. 

TikTok explains that a single video receives more views on TikTok when the profile account has vast followers. In case you are not getting enough visibility for your content, it is crucial to purchase TikTok views instantly and enhance your account with newer audiences who may turn to followers. Also, notice that even if you have followers or not, your videos have the power to gain engagement. 

How To Personalize TikTok’s “For You” Page?

Most people know how the FYP on TikTok works, and let’s look at how to personalize it. TikTok is a platform for discovering new topics, and even when you follow only five accounts, you can still scroll the videos that come along the For You page. To make a perfect progression along the way of TikTok, take action to ensure that this page provides only the content you love. 

And here are some tips on TikTok to personalize you’re For You page:

Step #1: Get started on the topics you are thoroughly interested in – travel, sports, pets, and beauty. This will make the TikTok algorithm judge that these are the topics you’d love to see in the serious amount of content. 

Step #2: Find the things you are interested in and engage with the videos by liking, commenting, and sharing them. It can lead you to follow more new accounts and explore new hashtags on TikTok that will help you tailor your TikTok experience. 

Step #3: If you come across videos that you haven’t liked or made any interaction with in the past, you can long-press and make the video an uninteresting one, and there will not be any longer videos related to it. 

These three factors serve for the future recommendations of the TikTok videos, which are personalized in the FYP. 

Ingredients That Influence TikTok Algorithm’s Working

If you are a brand, business, or creator on TikTok, you have the chance of getting likes and views for your videos. And the more eye on your account will increase the engagement level on TikTok that brings brand visibility for the businesses. 

The key to getting more engagement for your content is working with the TikTok algorithm, which helps to feature your content on the For You page. 

Five phases that influence the TikTok algorithm:


You would likely look at the hashtags #Foryou, #ForYouPage, and #FYP on TikTok on viral content. And it’s how content mentions the For You page to get more visibility. And it also doesn’t mean that using one among them will help your content glow up viral. 


Like other social platforms Instagram and Facebook, TikTok is not an easy place to share an essay. The ideal caption on TikTok should be short, use the relevant hashtags for it, and easily digestible the content you are sharing. Keep the captions on TikTok short and snappy so that people will understand them at once.

Trending Sounds

Like TikTok hashtags, trending sounds also play an essential role in discovering content. When you add the trending sounds to the video you created, you are likely to reach more people in a short period than you imagined. 

Audience Engagement

Posting content when your audiences are active will make your content reach a vast amount of people. And if you want a complete analysis of your account and audiences, you can switch your regular account to a pro account and get used to TikTok analytics. 

Video Editing

You cannot neglect TikTok’s unique video editing style, as there are many features and effects. It’s the place where the creativity flows and makes a perfect representation for your brands as you like. Once created, you can edit your videos as you want and post them. 

Final Gesture

I hope that the above tips will be handy to place your content on For You Page. It is solely your responsibility to make content that engages with people with more video views. And finally, the TikTok algorithm will help your content go viral and see some traction on your posts!!